Driftwood artwork from the southern shore of Lake Michigan


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Bringing a different element such as Driftwood, into your decor, is all about texture, depth and a story...
Even if you don’t own a lake or beach home.
— Artist Katie Lippens

Photo By Katie Lippens

Photo By Katie Lippens

Cool Customer Reviews-

When I’m not near the water, I like looking at things that make me think of the water! And Katie nails it! Beautiful pieces!
— Eileen

I had my beautiful Driftwood Wind Chime hanging in my (very sturdy) outdoor gazebo. During a nasty storm, the gazebo lifted and flew 20 feet into our neighbors yard. I was absolutely heartbroken that my favorite hangout place was ruined. Thankfully, my wind chime was virtually UNHARMED! It was still hanging, a little twisted and good as new!
— Lisa S.

Just received a Peace sign as a gift and I love it! Can’t wait to add to it!
— Stephanie

I met Katie at the B&E Marine open house event. My wife fell in love with one of her pieces. With her birthday coming up, I had to be super sneaky about purchasing the piece without her finding out. Katie was a pleasure to work with and even wrapped it for me!
— John

Love the energy of Katie, her work and beach life love! Great work and great people go hand and hand.
— Lisa Z.

Talk about a talented gal... Katie at Drifted Art & Design, is one of the nicest, most hard-working and dedicated small business people I know! Her love for Lake Michigan and our beaches shine through in what she creates! I’m obsessed with the wind chime she made... unique and fill of Drifty Love! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!
— Jenny

Love Katie and her love for Lake Michigan! She’s so talented & it shows through every piece of her work.
— Rachel

Loved everything Katie has to offer in her Drifted pieces. It’s artistic, all natural and gorgeous!
— Manan

I love this wind chime that Katie Lippens made. I especially love the driftwood clapper and the pink colors of glass.
Thank-you Drifted Art and Design!!!
— Debbie